International Space Station

ISS observation

When can I spot the Space Station?

Observing of the International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) can easily be spotted with the naked eye. Because of its size (110m x 100m x 30m), it reflects a large amount of sunlight.

The best time to observe the ISS is when it is nighttime at your location, and the Space Station is sunlit. Often, such a viewing situation occurs in the morning before sunrise, or in the evening after sunset.

Visible ISS passes over New York City

You find a list of the next sighting opportunities for New York City below. The green bars indicate the brightness of the ISS on its pass.

The list contains all visible passes of the ISS during the next ten days. Please click on a pass to get more details.

Past ISS passes

No visible passes over New York City during the next ten days.